Mr Rodney Appleyard

Rodney Appleyard

Chartered Building Surveyor and independent professional, in practice as a building surveyor specialising in fenestration and building envelope. Scope includes construction and fenestration defects, contractual and specification matters, construction related personal injury including accidents with glass. Rodney Appleyard also acts as either an Arbitrator or adjudicator of disputes between householders and their contractors or clients/ contractors with contractors. He has also recently undertaken training and passed the requirements to be regarded as an 'Accredited Mediator'.

Has been appointed directly or through the RICS as Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Expert Determiner on a number of occasions for both domestic and commercial disputes. Is the listed Arbitrator for the 'Certass' panel, the "The Yorkshire Arbitration Scheme" panel and an ad-hoc Arbitrator appointed by the parties. Has on a number of occasions acted as both an Expert Determiner and the third surveyor in party wall disputes.

Phone: 01274 569912
Mob: 07785232934