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Here at Forensic and Expert Witnesses we have experts covering a vast range of specialisms in the medical, non medical and forensic sector.

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All our experts are seasoned professionals ready to assist your case.

Medical Experts

We have medical experts that cover a huge range of of specialist area’s from asbestos to vascular surgery.


Forensic Experts

Need detailed analysis our forensic experts will help you from forensic accountants to structural engineers.

Mediators and Arbitrators

Our experts have years of experience in there retrospective fields and would like to help you.

Building, Construction and Environmental Experts

We have a wide range non medical experts that cover from building law to firearms to wood care.

Mental Health Experts

We have many Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other professionals who are instructed to give expert opinions in legal proceedings.

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We aim to provide a comprehensive listing of professional witnesses covering a wide range of specialist experts

Medical Experts

A medical expert witness is a medical professional who offers their opinion on an illness or injury that is crucial to a court case. For instance, if a client is trying to prove that a doctor negligently severed their blood vessel
during surgery, causing damage, a medical expert witness can confirm that this is the case. Medical expert witnesses act independently of legal counsel. They explain all relevant medical issues to the court, based on questions asked of them
by each side.

Forensic Experts

Forensic experts apply scientific principles and methods to the analysis, identification, and classification of physical evidence relating to criminal (or suspected criminal) cases. They do much of their work in laboratories, where they test and analise evidence and then record the results. They may travel to crime scenes to collect evidence and record the physical facts of a site. Forensic experts may also testify as expert witnesses and present scientific findings in court. The Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses has numerous forensic expert members in many fields please see search an expert section.

Non Medical Experts

At the Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses, we can provide non medical expert witnesses to help in your case. Non medical expert witnesses use their previous experience and expertise in an affiliated field and apply it to the case in question.

This could be Building and Construction law, Environmental, Health and Safety, Surveying, M&E and Energy, Oil and Gas industries , in fact nearly every field of expert we can help with please use our search an expert section to see if we can help.

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