Mamoon Alyah

Mr Mamoon Alyah, PE, CEng, MBA, IRMCert is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with over thirty-five (35) years of experience investigating the root cause of major and complex incidents involving electrical power equipment and installations in different occupancies.

Mamoon has been instructed to act as an expert witness to prepare expert reports and give evidence in court rooms, depositions (USA) and arbitration proceedings in numerous jurisdictions around the world, including the UK, UAE, USA and Australia.

Deploying his vast experience as a forensic engineer and based on his thorough understanding of failure modes and the circumstances that lead to major and complex incidents in power systems, Mr Alyah has also been advising clients on risk management of power plants, transmission grids and distribution networks in many countries. He is recognised as an expert in the deployment of new renewable energy technologies in utility-scale applications including solar power (PV and CSP), wind power (onshore and offshore), geothermal, hydro power and biomass.

Mr Alyah has been a frequent speaker on the topic of insuring electrical power systems and high-tech equipment in different applications. He hosts a webinar series designed to provide underwriters, claims professionals and solicitors in the insurance market with overview of emerging technologies in different applications. He has also authored a number of articles in leading insurance publications on topics related to insuring new technologies and investigating complex claims.

As the Managing Director and Principal Engineer of CEERISK Consulting, Mr Alyah is responsible for managing complex expert instructions in addition to all expert engineering services overseeing engineering services provided by other experts in different disciplines, including mechanical engineering, renewable energy, chemical engineering, civil/structural engineering, hydrology, metallurgy, petrochemical engineering and welding.

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