Damian is a delay and quantum expert with 30 years of experience in construction projects. He has extensive direct experience of working on contractual disputes for contractors, subcontractors and employers which provides a sound basis for more than 60 expert commissions.

Damian has worked on projects internationally and has been appointed as an expert for disputes across Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom. Damian has particular expertise in large scale power stations (both coal and solar powered), oil and gas, mining, rail, roads, stadia and commercial buildings

Damian is strong working with forensic planners and quantity surveyors, he is a strong team leader and team player who focuses his strategy on the most appropriate solution for the matter at hand.

Damian's particular experience is in delay analysis and complex disruption valuation, disentangling global claims to establish the relationship of particular cause and effect, particularly in matters of dominancy and concurrency.

Damian is client facing and is an exceptional quantity surveyor who presents his determinations in an expert manner by using detailed analysis that integrates the delay and quantum assessment to determine the entitlement of submissions.

Damian's experience is as a party-appointed expert, tribunal-appointed expert and as a mediator in large dispute resolution.

Damian continues to be highly regarded by the barristers and solicitors that he has worked with in the UK and Africa and receives particular commendation on his ability to understand his brief, present concise written reports and provide an erudite articulation of matters under examination to the tribunal.

WWL says: Damian James is a highly regarded delay and quantum expert who boasts vast experience advising on sophisticated projects in Africa.


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