Mr Bruce Braithwaite

Mr Bruce Braithwaite

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Honorary Associate (clinical) Professor, University of Nottingham

Qualifications: MChir MA MB FRCS FRCS (Gen Surg)

Professor Braithwaite will take on consultations, conferences and remote hearings for trial by video links

Professor Braithwaite is a teaching hospital Consultant Vascular and General surgeon with a wide range of expertise in arterial and venous surgery, including endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, and peripheral bypass surgery.

He has prepared reports for clients involved in trauma and medical negligence claims.

He undertakes both Claimant and Defendant work and has been instructed as a Single Joint expert. Professor Braithwaite has attended Civil Court once in the past two years, Coroner's Court on one occasion. He has civil court experience in hot tubbing. Medical Report turnaround time is usually 8 - 12 weeks but he can provide reports in 10 working days in urgent situations. Mr Braithwaite can also supply Screening Reports.

Mr Braithwaite is asked to attend several case conferences each year and, when instructed, has authored joint expert reports, the clarity of which have been complimented by the barristers acting for both parties.

Professor Braithwaite has a particular interest in deep and superficial venous disease, particularly the outcome of deep vein thrombosis.

He is an authority on arterial thrombosis, lower limb ischaemia and varicose vein disease. He has experience in the management of vascular trauma.

Professor Braithwaite is a core member of the Vascular MDT and Post Thrombotic Syndrome DVT service.

He has been undertaking medico-legal work for the past 20 years and has been invited faculty to the Personal Injuries Bar Association Meetings in Oxford and Nottingham. He has been trained in the assessment of clinicians by the NHS National Clinical Assessment Service. He has been Chairman of a Hospital Governance and Risk Management Committee and is Medical Director for an NHS Community based local anaesthetic service.

Professor Braithwaite is able to arrange vascular ultrasound investigations, to be performed by accredited Vascular Scientists, at the same time as claimants are examined. He has negotiated reduced rates, for Solicitors, for the investigations done.

Recent Instructions to provide a medical report
2018 - 31 Instructions ( 10 Defendant, 21 Claimant)
2019 - 48 Instructions ( 25 Defendant, 23 Claimant), One court appearance.
2020 - 76 Instructions ( 26 Defendant, 50 Claimant)


2001 - Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Symposium, Cardiff, 2002 - Medico-legal Report Writing, Professional Solutions, St Barts Hospital, 2004 - Clinical Testing of HAVS, Faculty of Occupational Medicine, 2008 - Faculty at Personal Injuries Bar Association meeting, Oxford, 2013 - Faculty at Personal Injuries Bar Association meeting, Nottingham, 2014 - National Clinical Assessment Service Workshop, 2019 - Member of the Federation of Forensic & Expert Witnesses.

Tel: 07967 636 769 (Secretary Dawn)
Fax:0116 294 0282