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Nigel Richardson – Collaton Consultancy

Nigel Richardson The Managing Director of Collaton Consultancy Limited is Nigel Richardson. He has over 38 years of experience having worked in sales, manufacturing, logistics, procurement, quality, health & safety and company management. Having been involved in water treatment, Legionella and Pseudomonas for all his working career Nigel is ideally placed to help you on site with any technical problems relating to these issues. Acting as an Authorising Engineer (Water) and as a Fellow of IHEEM enables his skills as a Legionella Consultant to be used on a wide range of sites. His attention to detail and desire to ensure that problems are resolved in a positive manner ensure your Legionella issues are overcome ensuring compliance with relevant standards and guidance.Choosing a Legionella consultant is an important step and consideration should be given to pointers to the quality of a consultant such as: • Level of experience; Nigel has many years as an Expert Witness, managing water treatment and acting as an Authorising Engineer (Water). • Risk assessment experience; For over 30 years Nigel has been involved in designing and implementing risk assessment schemes that have been used world wide. • Water management expertise; As a dedicated water treatment professional Nigel is hugely experienced in using tools to overcome water issues on site. • Knowledge of codes, standards and guidance; As an Expert Witness on many cases Nigel has a deep understanding of legal issues and how they all fit together and they should be used on site. • Conflict of interest; Nigel is truly independent as Collaton Consultancy sell no products and therefore have no vested interested in the solution to problems other than to ensure they work for you.Nigel has been a successful Expert Witness for Legionella cases in England, Scotland and overseas (including the USA) and has become a “turn to” consultant for many companies who value his vast experience and skill. He is also known for his attention to detail which can be most helpful when you are busy with your own day to day activities as you can have someone to trust to help with your consultancy needs.Whether it is a technical water treatment or Legionella issue or how to manage your company successfully Nigel will ensure that your project is managed professionally and on-time.


Expert Witness services

Multi award winning Legionella and Water Treatment Causation Expert Witness. The staff at Collaton Consultancy Limited have acted as Legionella Expert Witnesses in several high profile cases as well as a host of other cases. They have acted for both plaintiffs and defendants and have appeared at Inquest.Our multi award winning Managing Director, Nigel Richardson, is a member of the Register of Expert Witnesses in the UK and has been vetted by references from satisfied clients. He has been an Expert Witness for over 10 years having covered water treatment cases as well as Legionella cases.Our main strength is identifying compliance and gaps relating to the relevant legislation and guidance.Examples of cases our Managing Director has been involved with include: • A private leisure club where a visitor caught Legionnaires’ disease from a hot tub. • A hotel where a visitor caught Legionnaires’ disease. • Investigation of a private boat to determine whether it was possible to catch Legionnaires Disease from the installation. • A hospital where cases of Legionnaires’ disease existed. • A hotel in the USA where a visitor died due to Legionnaires’ disease. • A building in London suspected as being the source of a workman on site catching Legionnaires’ disease. • An investigation into the causes of a major failure of a heating system causing millions of pounds of damage. • Inquests into the deaths of patients at several hospitals • Determination of whether an extension increased the risks of Legionella being present. • Helping several hotels respond to questions prior to potential prosecutions from Environmental Health Officers. • A major Legionnaires’ disease outbreak possibly coming from multiple cooling towers. • A ship where there was a potential case of Legionnaires’ disease • Helping a water treatment company defend itself against a claim from one of its customersIf you want to receive a CV from Nigel then please feel free to email us or contact us via our contact page.

We offer a free initial telephone discussion to see whether we can help you with your case so if you wish to take us up on this offer phone Nigel Richardson on +44 (0) 7958 124 563