Mr Peter Lumley

Expert Witness Services for the Process Engineering Industry

Manderstam International Group has extensive experience in offering expert witness services for the process engineering industry. We have prepared and presented a range of scientific and engineering evidence to the UK High Court and the International Court of Arbitration.

We have given evidence in complex cases, on behalf of multinational oil and resource companies, and have also worked with leading UK and international law firms.

Our services include:
•    Site surveys
•    Equipment surveys
•    Design reviews
•    Reviews of construction records
•    Investigation of process and mechanical design defects, disruptions or delays
•    Offering expert advice and independent expert opinion
•    Examining compliance issues

We have been called upon to give expert witness statements in a number of high profile cases, including the 2005 Buncefield explosion civil litigation.

Our areas of expertise
We are expert engineers, specialising in process and industrial engineering across several industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

We have acted as legal expert witnesses across a variety of cases, such as those involving workplace injuries or where companies have faced major fines.

Our specialties include:
Process and Mechanical Equipment Design – looking at process plant design, piping design and insulation, and the construction and commissioning of plants.
Project Management – we have worked as an owner's representative, and on behalf of contractors.
Manufacturing Design, Engineering and Quality Control – assessing whether products are fit for purpose.

All our experts are trained in giving legal evidence by Bond Solon and Manderstam is registered with the Expert Witness Institute

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