Mr Mik Chinery

Mr Mik Chinery

Marine Technical Consultant

I am an experienced yacht captain with over one million sea miles logged on private boats on sea deliveries. Writer of technical publications on marine electronics, satellite navigation and seamanship on private leisure boats and super yachts.

Former technical editor on Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine, Water Skier Magazine and Motor Boats Magazine.

I have worked on many high profile drug smuggling and “conspiracy to import” cases at Bristol, Belmarsch and Kingston crown courts. I have a great deal of experience in producing court presentation materials to supplement evidence from electronics and yacht log books.
As a photo journalist I produce accurate reports with high quality photographs and layouts for use in court by barrister and jury members. In addition as a professional instructor and teacher in my subjects I can make presentations in a “simplified” format suitable for consumption by non technical members if the jury and the judiciary.

I am well used to travelling anywhere in the world and have a great deal of experience working in the Middle East, Far East and Europe. I find that in many litigation cases especially those involving faulty workmanship or poor design that my detailed photo reports can often secure a “settlement” without going to court.

Yacht master examiner, yacht master instructor, CMAS scuba diving instructor, experienced marine engineer, ex-service manager for Volvo Marine Engines, Chrysler Marine Engines and Hatteras Yachts in the USA.

Worked closely with Sunseeker Yachts and Gulf Craft Majesty Yachts. I have prepared evidence in litigation cases on failed marine engines and yacht equipment both in the UK and abroad. Drug smuggling, marine engine failures, accidents and insurance loss investigation and marine technical witness.

Areas also include:
Marine expert witness, marine technical witness, expert witness marine, maritime expert witness, expert witness publishing, expert witness directory, drug smuggling expert witness, drug smuggling on yachts expert witness, expert witness drug trafficking and super yacht expert witness.

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Mob: 07745 936235