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A private psychology practice based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, MIDLANDS PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES is the brainchild of founder, Dr Dennis Trent a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, who provides expert reports in the field of Child Protection/Custody issues, Pre-Sentence Reports, Risk Assessments, Fitness to Plead, Learning Disabilities and other court related psychological assessments.

Boasting over 20 years experience in providing Psychology Services to the throughout the U.K. and abroad, it comes as no surprise to learn Midlands Psychological Services has built a strong reputation for providing the highest standards of service.

A member of the American Psychological Association and the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr. Trent is certified with the Health & Care Professions Council, and as such maintains the highest standards of professional ethics guaranteeing a standard of service, which is both professional and accountable.

One of the many areas in which practising Clinical or Forensic psychologists are asked to contribute is when they are tasked with providing an assessment of the level of risk a parent may pose to a child. The 1995 British Psychological Society survey of legal reports suggests that nearly half (47%) of all such assessments are childcare related (Gudjonsson, 1996). Such risk assessments occur in child custody issues and in situations where children have been placed in care by an outside agency such as Social Services. Removal of the child from the family or the issuing of care orders is often due to suspected child abuse or neglect, or in cases where Social Services have been asked by the parent to accommodate the child because the parent cannot cope with the child.

In a recent interview Dr. Trent went on to say: “At Midlands Psychological Services we have a long history of providing such reports to the Midlands area. In the past three years alone, such reports have constituted nearly 80% of the legal reports we have written. Whilst some of those have been focussed on child custody issues, the vast majority have been in cases were the children have been accommodated by the Local Authority due to allegations of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or child neglect.

At the end of our reports we may make a number of different recommendations to the Court based on the assessment. We might, for instance recommend that a couple undergo further assessment in a residential parenting centre or we might recommend a period of therapy before consideration is given for the child to be returned. In extreme cases we may also recommend long-term foster care of the child or even adoption. We have defended our reports in court and are willing to liaise with the Local Authority after the assessment is completed to ensure that our recommendations and any concerns we may have are fully understood.”

In addition to being Founder and Director of Midlands Psychological Services, Dr. Trent is a Past President of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP), an NGO under the United Nations, and has served on the organisation’s Board of Directors as well as Chairman of its Long-Range Planning Committee and Editor of the International Psychologist, the ICP newsletter.

The high esteem in which Dr. Trent’s expertise in psychology is held is further highlighted by the fact that he has given lectures at Nottingham, Loughborough, Keele, Birmingham and Wolverhampton Universities, as well as guest lecturing in South Africa. Widely published in the area of Mental Health Promotion, Dr. Trent has also presented at numerous Conferences nationally and internationally.

When asked about the range of Contracted Services the company provides, Dr. Trent replied: “In the past we have contracted with both the National Health Service and various Local Authorities, providing quality psychological services that compliment the already existing non-contracted staff.

In the present Health Services environment, contracting out specific areas of psychological service enables the NHS Trust to cover short term absences without the need for expensive recruitment procedures. When Midlands Psychological Services are contracted into an NHS Trust we can be targeted towards a specific goal. As a result we practice Psychology and nothing else, reducing waiting lists and freeing up staff for other duties. Midlands Psychological Services is good value for money.”

Dr. Trent is also able to provide an individually tailored Therapy programme for clients who wish to maintain their anonymity or avoid the lengthy wait to go through the NHS route.

“We are also happy to create a bespoke Anger Management Programme which will take the form of individually tailored Workshops carried out at the client’s premises.”

For further information contact:
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