Dr Ruth Tully
Consultant Forensic Psychologist & Clinical Lead

(BSc(Hons), MSc, DForenPsy, CPsychol, EuroPsy, AFBPsS, CSci, MAE, AFHEA)


Dr Ruth Tully is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist. She is a Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered, and British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Forensic Psychologist in the UK. She holds various postgraduate academic qualifications and the Professional Doctorate in Forensic Psychology (DForenPsy), which is an academic and clinical practice qualification.

Dr Tully is Clinical Director of Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd, where she and her team of 45 Clinical and Forensic Psychologists work nationwide in the provision of expert and clinical assessments, treatment/therapy, consultancy, and training, specialising in legal contexts. Dr Tully worked in HM Prison Service for eight years, complemented by working in probation and psychiatric settings during and after this time, primarily with indeterminate/life sentenced prisoners, and high-risk men and women. Dr Tully’s wider experience includes working with adult and young offenders/patients in community and secure healthcare, prison, and community settings.

The team at Tully Forensic Psychology are experienced in various areas, including substance misuse, general offending behaviour, violent offending, sexual offending, learning disability, mental health, autism, and personality disorder.

Dr Tully has trained hundreds of professionals in risk and personality assessment in the UK and around the world. She is an invited speaker at national and international conferences and events, has many research publications in forensic psychology, and is an invited journal reviewer for many respected journals.

Dr Tully and her team of experts work across the UK providing expert reports and assisting the courts in a variety of matters, including specialist assessments (e.g. Terrorism Act ‘TACT’ offences and extremist violence risk) and more general forensic psychological assessments (e.g. risk of violence, personality disorder diagnosis, learning disability, fitness to plead, parole assessment).

The team at Tully Forensic Psychology are still operating and busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, completing remote video link / call assessments where in-person is not possible due to restrictions, or where appropriate, patients are seen in person with PPE during the pandemic.

Dr Ruth Tully

Consultant Forensic Psychologist & Clinical Lead
Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd

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