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For the IT professional, computer forensics is an exciting and developing field. Since its birth in the 1970’s and 80’s computer forensics has continuously evolved into what is now a very large subject area. Whilst early cases centred on crimes such as fraud, in recent years as computers (or computing devices) have become a necessity in every day life their content is increasingly the focus of criminal / civil cases. Indeed new crimes specific to their use such as hacking, trolling and online grooming now exist.

The last decade in particular has seen a shift in computer forensics as users migrate from simple desktop computers to mobile devices such as those from Apple or Android based tablets / smart phones and a much wider selection of web browsers and applications (Apps).

One area of modern life which encapsulates these changes is the apparent need for individuals to have 24/7 access to the latest ‘fashionable’ means of communication, be it Facebook or Twitter.

Storage capacity has also seen a rapid expansion. Mobile devices now store the same amount of data as computers did just a few years ago. Computers can now readily store the complete works of Shakespeare several hundred thousand times over.

The computer forensics niche that Leyson Data sits in, is in constant progression to keep pace with the technical advancements of computers, changes to the way we use them and the increasing amounts of data to examine.

Since being established in 2002 Leyson Data has provided a consistent and reliable examination / expert witness service to clients nationwide. As certified examiners with experience in a wide range of forensic tools they have the ability to deal with all manner of cases from a single image through to complex frauds involving tens of computers.

Images – Grooming – Harassment
Whilst the internet has provided a means to communicate and share / source information it does however have a darker side. Leyson Data are frequently asked to assist in cases which involve indecent images, grooming of children and harassment using social networking. Central to many of these cases is the identification of how material, as an example images, is sourced, the subsequent usage or knowledge of the user and what steps, if any, have been taken to save, hide or delete the material. Activities either side of the pertinent times can provide the necessary clues and establish the identity of a user.

Leyson Data are able to identify messages across a wide range of social networking and messaging platforms and find evidence of fake online profiles which give a broader picture of a case.

Leyson Data also undertake fraud related work using the same investigative skills to identify documents, e-mails and time based activities which they collate into a practical format for review. Single document analysis can also be undertaken to establish the ‘author’ and associated history.

Leyson Data pride themselves on an approachable and accommodating service, with a single contact for each case, fast turnaround without a premium and easy to read reports presented in plain English. As a company Leyson Data has built up an excellent rapport within both the forensic computing and legal world. Some of their testimonials speak for themselves:

“Whenever I require a forensic computer expert Leyson Data is my first and only port of call. They consistently come up with material that has been overlooked by others.”

Barrister, Manchester.

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