Dr Ivanova-Stoilova

DR IVANOVA-STOILOVA Consultant in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

Dr Tzvetanka Ivanova-Stoilova is a Consultant in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.n Since 1994, Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has lived in Wales. She has completed the postgraduate training in anaesthesia and became a Consultant/Director of Chronic Pain Clinic in 1999. She is one of the very few full-time consultants in pain medicine in Wales but will practice medico legal work throughout the U.K including London.

Her expertise in diagnosis and management of patients with complex pain conditions while in hospital and as outpatients is very much sought after. She has got a formidable reputation in tireless and devoted work for her patients and her colleagues comment about her as being an asset to the hospital.Since 1999 Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has established a private clinic in  St Joseph's Hospital  for patients referred from GPs or hospital specialists. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is very highly respected and trusted by her patients, some of whom come back to see her for her expertise and guidance year after year.Dr Ivanova-Stoilova's clinic welcomes patients with all types of chronic or recurrent pain. Her specific expertise has proven very helpful for patients with post-surgical pain on the face, sinuses, neck, spine, abdomen, pelvis, upper and lower limbs. She deals with patients with medically unexplained pain who might have been to various specialists and clinics for years.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova has established a multidisciplinary clinic for patients with primary widespread pain such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her clinic welcomes patients with medical conditions such as post-stroke, severe osteoarthritis, osteoporosis with fractures of the spine with resultant intractable pain. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova looks after women with chronic pain conditions during conception, pregnancy, after childbirth and early parenthood. She has a special interest in helping patients with diabetic neuropathies to halt the progression of the neuropathic disease and avoid ulcerations and amputations. She treats pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, slipped intervertebral discs, radiculopathy, facet joints and sacroiliac joints' pain, as well as visceral and pelvic pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova carries out the full range of local anaesthetic interventions on the spine- facet joint, sacroiliac joint injections, spinal nerve blocks, caudal, lumbar and cervical epidurals. She is one of the few consultants in Wales who performs autonomic blocks – lumbar sympathetic, coeliac plexus, greater splanchnic nerves block. She offers myofascial blocks to the iliopsoas muscle, piriformis, quadratus lumborum and other muscles. She also performs NICE recommended radiofrequency denervation for facet, sacroiliac joints blocks. She is the first pain specialist in Wales to conduct radiofrequency treatment of the sensory nerves of the knees for patients with poor outcome after knee replacement or with osteoarthritis.

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova also offers botulinum toxin treatment for myofascial pain and localised neuropathic pain. Over the years, she has arranged annual educational seminars with lectures, quiz and exercise programme for diabetic patients which proved to be very popular. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova always approaches her patient's condition holistically. She combines pharmacological and injection treatment with advice on lifestyle, diet and arranges individual exercise or rehabilitation programme. She has prepared many reports to be served to Courts in her role as a medico-legal expert in high volume multi-track complex pain cases.

Areas of work include London-Midlands-Wales

01633 820 344


St Joseph's Hospital
Harding Avenue, Malpas, Newport, NP20 6ZE

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova will now be seeing patients for clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as for medical reports in Fitzrovia Hospital, Central London  13-14 Fitzroy Square London W1T6AH .
The clinic timetable will be Thursday from 2-6 pm. Telephone  0207 0343301  to make a booking.
Dr Ivanova-Stoilova will continue seeing patients in Newport, Wales on Tuesdays at her Pain Clinic. For  booking into this clinic , please use the appointment number  01633 820 344 .