Currently working Independently as a Senior Forensic Medical Examiner (FME) providing services to the Metropolitan Police Force, Dr Aman Ranu is an Expert Medical Witness operating in the speciality of Clinical Forensic Medicine.

Having qualified in Medicine in 1993 and then completed training as a GP, Dr Ranu has undergone higher training to pass the Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (Clinical) examination in 2008. He has also achieved Foundation Membership of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

Dr Ranu’s expertise primarily relates to forensic aspects of the care of police detainees. All detainees held in police custody are entitled to see a health care professional as part of the Police & Criminal Evidence act (1984 PACE). Alternatively, if the police have concerns regarding the physical or psychological health of any detainee and their fitness to be interviewed or charged, they too can request assessment by a Doctor.

Virtually on a daily basis, Dr Ranu has to manage multiple challenges when dealing with individuals with complex medical and psychological needs that can be further complicated by alcohol or drug misuse.

Dr Ranu also attends sudden or unexpected death scenes to assist the police in the identification of unusual or possibly suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

Injury interpretation
Dr Ranu prepares Expert court reports when medical opinion is needed to establish the likely mechanism of causation and timing of injuries. He regularly sees and documents injuries both before and after treatment. His training in the evaluation of bruises can assist in the ageing of injuries.

Drink/drug driving offences & Failing to provide a blood or urine sample
Numerous medical conditions are sometimes overlooked at the time that the police ask a driver to provide a sample of blood or urine. These conditions include panic attack / anxiety symptoms, respiratory conditions such as asthma, and needle phobia. Dr Ranu prepares expert reports for the court based on police documents and CCTV evidence to establish whether a medical condition is likely to qualify as reasonable medical excuse for non-provision.

Sexual Offences
Due to specialist training and expertise, Dr Ranu also undertakes the examination of victims and suspects of serious sexual offences including the harvesting of samples for forensic evidential purposes

Care of police detainees / Death in Police Custody
When held in custody, an individual is owed a duty of care by the police. Forensic physicians may be asked to provide an opinion as to whether this care may have fallen below an acceptable level by scrutinizing CCTV and other evidence. Expert opinion is also sought in cases when detainees allege use of excessive force by the police during their arrest or detention.

Dr Ranu is well aware of his obligation to provide clear, objective fully researched clinical forensic medical opinion to assist the administration of justice through the courts. His medical testimony is regarded as high quality and reliable.

For further information, please contact Dr Aman Ranu on 07951 048 626 or visit his website at