Dr Sheela Shah


Consultant Physician in Stroke & Adult Medicine

Dr Sheela deals with Geriatric and General Internal Medicine for adults of all ages

She specialises in

Cerebrovascular Disease:
Hyper acute stroke thrombolysis, TIAs, neurovascular mimics, syncope, acute ischaemic, stroke, cryptogenic strokes in young adults, acute haemorrhagic strokes, brain aneurysms, subdural haemorrhage, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, micro bleeds, vascular dementia, alzheimers disease, lewy body disease, syncopal seizures, stroke mimics due to multiple sclerosis, post viral demyelination, brain tumours, stroke prevention strategies including hypercholesterol or hypertension management, anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation.

Acute Hospital Medical Emergencies:
Septicaemia, hypovolaemic and cardiogenic shock, coronary arterial disease, CCF, valvular heart disease, COPD, asthma, pneumonia, gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatocellular dysfunction, hepatic or uraemic encephalopathy, hypertensive encephalopathy, meningitis, encephalitis and cellulitis.

Chronic or Relapsing Medical Conditions:
Neurodegenerative diseases: Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease. Chronic liver disease: Hepatitis, cirrhosis, biliary cirrhosis, ascites and portal hypertension. Chronic renal disease: Renal dialysis, glomerulonephritis, obstructive uropathy and vasculitis.

Infectious Diseases:
Acute bacterial, parasitic and viral community-acquired and hospital acquired infection, tropical diseases, chronic infections including tuberculosis, AIDS, schistosomiasis
malignancies of visceral organs, bones, blood cells including haematological and lymphatics.

Metabolic Diseases:
Diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity, hyperlipidaemia and metabolic syndrome.

Degenerative Conditions:
Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, elderly comprehensive geriatric assessments, dementia, falls and fracture prevention.

Contact Details

Mob: 07850 764121
Email: sheela.shah@meht.nhs.uk
Email: sheelashah21@gmail.com

Contact Address:

Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust
Department of Stroke Medicine
Queen's Hospital