Mr Danny Curran


Mr Danny Curran CIARB, F.NALP

Genealogy Expert Witness

Danny Curran is the Managing Director and Founder of Finders International and a well known expert in the fields of Probate Genealogy (also known as probate research or heir hunting) and has nearly 30 years’ experience in tracing heirs to estates, property, unclaimed funds and assets.

Danny is a popular keynote speaker at industry events, and he is often interviewed in the media on TV, Radio and in the National, Trade and Local Press.

In the UK he has been on popular shows such as “This Morning”, “The Money Programme”, “Heir Hunters” Radio 4 “You & Yours” and interviewed “The Times”, the “Daily Mirror” the Scottish “Daily Record”, “Irish Times” and “Forbes” magazine as an entrepreneur of note. He formed Finders International in 1997 having started work in the industry in 1990 and his company is now one of the largest in Europe and has offices in London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.

Daniel recently founded the ‘International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists & Heir Hunters’ ( ) which is for elite professional companies around the world. This initiative has been widely broadcast and is attracting considerable attention as it strives to raise standards within the industry, provide valuable free advice to the public and a voice for media consultation.

Areas of Expertise include:

Heir hunters.
Heir tracing.
Beneficiary identification.
Media consultancy (over 100 articles/appearances).
Finding next of kin when none are known.
Tracing empty or vacant property owners.
Missing will searches.
Missing asset searches.
Bankruptcy and insolvency searches: domestic and overseas.
Estate distribution schedules.
Dormant and orphan funds, unclaimed shares and assets.
Family tree verification.
Statutory will search.
International asset services.
Medallion guarantee stamps.

Contact Details

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