Anglia Research Services Ltd


Anglia Research Ltd

At Anglia Research we employ more accredited genealogists, legally qualified and independently regulated staff than any other UK probate research company.

The calibre of our team means that we find relatives fast and, crucially, we do not cut corners. Our genealogists liaise with a global network of agents to find missing beneficiaries, lost or unknown heirs, and the rightful owners of unclaimed assets.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Missing heir location,
  • Tracing property owners,
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency search: domestic and overseas,
  • Estate distribution guidance,
  • Locating the rightful owners of dormant and orphan funds, unclaimed shares and assets,
  • Family tree verification,
  • Media consultancy and research for TV programs such as ‘A House Through Time’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’,
  • Specialist services for solicitors including client tracing, document procurement, local deeds registry searches and palaeographic services,
  • Statutory will research and expert witness services.


Contact Details:

Anglia Research Services Ltd
6-8 Museum Street,
DX 3215

01473 350350Ā