Artis – Independent Rubber Consultants


ARTIS is an independent material consultancy that specialises in the testing, failure analysis, development and recycling of polymeric materials. Launched as an independent testing laboratory in 2007, ARTIS boast a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the materials industry, as well as being the industry’s ‘go to’ people if you have any queries about part failure and analysis.

ARTIS’ expertise stems from many years supporting a global manufacturing base serving the automotive and industrial rubber goods markets, covering a huge range of polymer types as well as non-rubber applications.

This comprehensive knowledge concerning a wide range of materials enables ARTIS to offer an extensive range of testing and analysis techniques that can be carried out on all materials. By drawing on the skill and expertise of the company’s dedicated team of Scientists and Engineers, and using the latest specialist equipment to cover the compounding and manufacture of elastomer compounds, ARTIS’ is able to fully evaluate their physical, mechanical and chemical properties. The knowledge of these scientists, – both combined and individual – uniquely positions ARTIS to understand and interpret the correct analysis from part failure results.

One such example was the blistering of a rubber component that affected its durability and use. By using Optical and Scanning Electron microscopy the failure surfaces were examined to identify the factor(s) behind the blistering and related failings. Looking for tell-tale signs of contamination or characteristic patterns of long term operational effects, such as fatigue, the experience of ARTIS personnel allowed for targeted analysis to verify the root cause of the failures.

Further tools at ARTIS’ disposal include energy dispersive X-ray analysis, thin-layer chromatography, infra-red spectroscopy and gas chromatography mass spectrometry to further narrow down the root causes of any failures. By the careful selection and use of these tools, foreign materials can be identified and possible sources determined. Through the knowledge gained from years of compounding and testing, the potential impact of the identified materials can be assessed and recommendations for improvements made.

In the case of the blistered component; ARTIS’ examinations revealed that a functional additive used in the compound was migrating to the surface, thereby affecting the integrity of the bondline which subsequently led to blistering. With this knowledge the client was able to investigate ways to minimise migration so bond strength in future products was improved.

ARTIS also have the ability to act as experts in mediation and legal cases. With registered experts in materials, engineering and failure analysis to assist in establishing liability for product failures,. The company can also provide expert support at all stages of a dispute from mediation to acting as expert in litigation, including at trials in court. Specialist areas include material and failure analysis, material composition and physical or chemical changes occurring as a result of exposure to the operating environment.

In addition to analytical test services, ARTIS also offers physical testing services, including industry standard testing for rubbers and additional materials. ARTIS also has facilities to simulate in-service atmospheric and chemical environments. These facilities include non-ambient temperature and humidity cabinets, UV , Ozone exposure and fluid ageing.

ARTIS also offers many consultancy services to our customers. This could include advice on product improvements, training for new staff members, or production methodologies. This consultancy is backed up by the laboratory materials mixing testing facilities to create customer-focused data if required.

With vast variety of experience in dealing with live manufacturing and technical problems, ARTIS is ideally placed to help you solve any material related issues you may have.

For further information, please call ARTIS on 01225 896 500, email or visit the company’s website at