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For over 26 years, Emmerson Associates has maintained their leading position within the Forensic Science sector by drawing on the vast experience of their dedicated team of Forensic Consultants who provide a wide range of services for clients throughout the UK and abroad, dealing with many serious and high profile cases. Some of their experts are accredited experts for the ICC at The Hague.

In a recent interview, Managing Director, Nicola Beckwith-Elliott explained:

“Collectively, our forensic experts and accident investigators have many years’ experience within the Government forensic laboratories, as well as Police and private practice. This knowledge enables us to provide reliable and independent forensic science services, as well as acting as Expert Witnesses.

A sign of the esteem in which Emmersons experts are held is evidenced by the number of commissions received to re-examine cases previously examined by the Crown’s experts. We review this work and report upon it.”

The company can also review forensic findings and provide comments or responses to specific queries raised by instructing solicitors or Queen’s Counsel. “Once instructed, we undertake responsibility for all arrangements; including exhibits transfers, laboratory examinations, contacting the OIC through to making an appointment with the Prosecution Expert.”

An interesting knock-on effect of the phenomenal increase in recent years of fraudulent insurance claims is the fact that Emmerson Associates has seen a vast rise in the number of requests received from insurance companies themselves wishing to instruct an ‘expert’ to investigate the matter and provide a report in order to mitigate or reduce their liabilities.

“Many types of evidence can be gleaned with regard to various insurance claims, not solely road traffic matters,” added Nicola. “Our many specialist skills range across the board and include DNA, drugs, alcohol-related cases, document alterations, fingerprints, CCTV and footwear marks. We are therefore able to provide an individually tailored solution to meet your specific forensic needs by using the most suitable expert to achieve the best results possible.”

Emmerson Associates also keeps abreast of technology matters and offers forensic analysis of computers and mobile telephones, including cell-site reports and forensic imagery analysis; covering facial, body mapping and height analysis, CCTV footage and enlargement and enhancement of poor quality footage.

Now, as part of a continual commitment to extend and develop the range of services it offers, the company is also able to provide surveillance services. Some of the cases we have assisted in this way include:

ID photography
Vehicle tracking
Commercial theft enquiries
Installation of cover/overt camera systems
Benefit/fraud investigations and injury/fraud investigations
Marital differences/ASBO harassment/residential disputes

Emmerson Associates is one of the few independent forensic companies to offer expert advice covering PIDs (Personal Identification Devices), more commonly known as ‘home curfew tags’ which regard to accidental or deliberate removal.

Emmerson Associates also deals with a great many cases involving road traffic matters; providing Expert Witness services in all areas of forensic road collision investigations, analysis, reconstruction and associated evidence in both criminal and civil cases. These include, but are not limited to

Staged collisions
Forensic examination of stolen vehicles
Personal injury claims arising from road traffic collisions
Driver’s hours disputes involving tachograph regulations and route tracing
Forensic examination of keys, tyres, light bulbs, vehicles and components
Alcohol-related cases (breath, blood and urine)
CCTV analysis, photography and video
Death by dangerous/careless driving
Locus inspections/scale plans of collision scenes

Having been listed and checked by the English Law Society, Emmerson Associates strives to maintain the high professional standards for which it has become known. It can come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that the company’s scientists boast many accreditations including holding membership of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Academy of Experts, Society of Expert Witnesses, The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, Sweet & Maxwell, UK Directory of Expert Witnesses, Forensic Science Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

As you would expect from such a quality-conscious operation, all reports and statements prepared by the company are fully compliant with Part 33 Criminal Procedure Rules and Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules.


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