With over 38 years in the construction industry, I know how important it can be to find the right independent professional advice when you need it most.

During my career, I have provided troubleshooting services to both the civil engineering and building sectors. I specialise in solving problems with concrete materials technology, applied to both new build construction and the management of existing assets that are deteriorating prematurely or unexpectedly.

With experience in all common construction materials, including masonry, asphalt, concrete and steel, I can offer you the latest advice in forensic engineering and deterioration management for your assets, including maintenance and remediation strategies.

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness

I have over 38 years of experience in the field of civil engineering and concrete construction technology including inspection, testing, maintenance and repair. A Chartered Engineer recognised at the highest level by the Engineering Institutions, I am founder/director of Robery Forensic Engineering Limited.

An accredited expert in failure investigation & forensic engineering, I have given evidence many times as expert witness on concrete and construction issues, with experience in Technology and Construction Court, Arbitration, Mediation, Adjudication & Public Inquiry. My fields of expertise include:

  • appearance of structures and visual assessment
  • basement concrete construction and waterproofing
  • brickwork, stonework, masonry, cast stone and mortar compositions
  • car park specification, construction, maintenance and repair
  • coatings for the protection and repair of concrete
  • concrete compliance, specification and quality control to EN206/BS 8500
  • concrete placing, bleed and shrinkage cracking
  • diaphragm wall construction
  • disaster investigations, including fire, bomb and water damage
  • external concrete hardstandings and freeze/thaw resistance
  • general forensic examination of construction failures
  • industrial warehouse ground floors, screeds and toppings
  • liquid-retaining structures, water stops and leak sealing
  • no-fines concrete and other concrete housing
  • paints, coatings and membranes for concrete
  • performance of air entraining and workability admixtures
  • piled concrete construction
  • PQ concrete and requirements for air entrainment
  • sewage treatment and purification systems
  • steel, carbon and polypropylene fibre-reinforcement
  • test methods for concrete and data interpretation
  • tramways and light rail in concrete surrounds

Contact Details

Professor Peter Robery FREng CEng FICE FICT FCS
Director, Robery Forensic Engineering Limited
RAEng Visiting Professor in Forensic Engineering, the University of Birmingham

Tel: 01564 205215
Mob: 07961 098374
Email: pcr@roberyforensics.com
Web: www.roberyforensics.com