Mr R.E. Cliff Forensic Locksmith & Vehicle Theft Investigator


“Forensic Locksmithing is the study and systematic examination of a lock or other security device or associated equipment using scientific methods to determine if and how the device was opened, neutralized, or bypassed. These examinations include the use of various types of forensic techniques, as well as microscopic examination, microphotography, regular photography, physical disassembly of the device or devices, and on occasion laboratory techniques, such as metallurgy and tool mark identification may be conducted.”Don Shiles, Former President, Intl. Assoc. of Investigative Locksmiths.

It’s vital for solicitors and barristers that work within criminal prosecution or defence to secure an Expert Witness statement from a professional Forensic Locksmith. In order to achieve this a Forensic Locksmith requires knowledge in several areas:

• Locksmithing
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Photography
• Microscopy and Microphotography
• Evidence Collection & Preservation
• Written Communication (Investigative reports)
• Verbal Communication (Expert testimony)

Having been in the trade since 1978, and worked as a Master Locksmith since 1980, Ron E. Cliff F.B.L.I., specialises in providing Forensic Examinations of locks, keys and security devices; together with analysis of vehicle keys. Working as a single or joint Expert Ron has built-up an impressive reputation for providing accurate, unbiased evidence in Criminal & Civil Courts – dealing with all legal aspects of Report Writing.

The comparison of tool marks that are conducive to a known tool mark library.

If the vehicle has not been recovered expert opinion evidence based on acknowledged, up-to-date information together with the study and experience on the subject is given. In order to ascertain how a vehicle was stolen, or a property was entered unlawfully, Ron analyses the appropriate keys, utilising various techniques including microscopic methods, photography or various scientific methods within a laboratory setting. Ron is then able to draw on his years of expertise to analyse unique traces of evidence that to the professional eye will reveal how a vehicle or house door or lock was opened and in the process, what security measures were breached or neutralised.

A Fellow of both the Expert Witness Institute (E.W.I), and the Master Locksmith Association, Ron is also a Founder Member of the Auto Locksmith Association and the European Chapter of A.L.O.A. Added to this Ron is also a Member of the International Association of Investigative Locksmiths (I.A.I.L), as well as being a Certified Member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (I.A.A.T.I). Holding Membership to such a vast array of elite bodies within the sector serves as a seal of approval to prospective clients as to the high level of quality forensic investigation work they can expect from Ron Cliff.

If you need an independent Expert Witness within the area of lock or key examination then Ron Cliff has the expertise and skills to provide a truly professional service.


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