Joanne Caffrey


National Expert Witness for Criminal, Civil & Coroner’s Court Cases

Expert Witness in safer custody.
Police Custody Procedures, Use of Force, and Ligature Deaths.
My experience as an expert witness includes providing in excess of 250 reports. These cases are distributed between England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.
The cases involve custody sectors of police, prison, mental health, immigration, security staff and the children’s sector. (Custody commences from the point of initial contact & arrest).

I have provided my services for public inquiry, coroner, fatal accident inquiries, civil, criminal and police misconduct cases. I have been engaged by coroners and legal teams representing the defence and prosecution.

I have repeat business from the Police Federation, Police Professional Standards units, Police Ombudsman agencies and the Crown Prosecution Service/ Crown Office. I am registered with, and vetted by, the National Crime Agency (NCA) for police custody topics and death in any secure custody.

My main areas of service concern:
•    Death or serious injury during restraints
•    Ligature deaths
•    Police procedures and Drink/Drive procedures

I have acted as an advisor to police CID investigators concerning a death in custody.

I have (as at September 23) been engaged for 13 ligature deaths in custody and 8 deaths during restraints.

I have been engaged by the Public Inquiry into the restraint death of Mr Sheku Bayoh. I gave evidence over 3 days and my report can be viewed on the Inquiry website:

The approximate split of cases includes:
•    Defence: 40%
•    Prosecuting authority/Claimant: 50%
•    Engaged directly by the Coroner or Public Inquiry: 10%

I am the author of: ‘Drink Driving. Police Custody Procedures: Safer Custody Safer Prosecutions’ ISBN 9798866033591

Joanne Caffrey, Expert Witness & Specialist Trainer.

Total Train Ltd.
Deaths and Injuries in Custody
Safer Custody & Use of Force
Police Custody Procedures, Restraint Deaths and Ligature Deaths My Speciality

2019-2020 Specialist Training Provider Winner
2018 Forensic & Expert Witness Award Winner – Outstanding Legal Services to Safer Custody
2012 British Excellence in Performance Award
2008 & 2009 National Training Awards Winner

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