James Groux - Chartered Architect

Expert Witness

James Groux has over 38 years experience in the Industry. In that time he has developed skills in a number of areas and has acted as an expert witness in some of these. In particular James has become very specialised in understanding the spacial needs of physically impaired people and he has his own skilful approach to space planning to ensure that the best use of all areas of a persons home is explored and the benefits realised.

In addition to his work in the field of property adaptation and space planning James has a wealth of experience in technical building issues.

Having been an architect for 38 years has given James an excellent foundation of knowledge.

In addition he has also been a Building Contractor and Project Manager for the past 13 years and has developed an understanding of building techniques and potential risks that matches anyone in the industry. This makes him a valuable asset in cases of building failures.


Airport House, Suite 43-45
Purley Way, Croydon


Brief resume of Experience

I have been involved with designing for disabled clients since 1983 and have been registered with numerous Councils as an expert with regards professional services for recipients of Disabled Facilities Grants. My practice has also partnered Health Authorities in the renovation, new build and improvements for facilities for residents in care.

My experience covers a wide field of health care work and has involved the Practice in numerous adaptations to individual houses for physically disabled clients.

In practice I have been responsible for over one hundred and fifty minor and major adaptation projects and further projects comprising; Residential Care, Therapy Care, Nursing Care, Medical Practices, Care in the Community and designing for the needs of physically and mentally disabled people.

I have been preparing reports for Solicitors and the Courts since 1990 and I am in the Register of Expert Witnesses. Many of my expert witness cases have resulted in me being retained by the claimants to design and administer major and minor works to their homes following court awards for provision of future needs.

I have given lectures and seminars on designing for the disabled and have taught Architects and Occupational Therapists on the subject of adaptation work.

I have carried out a number of Access Audits on public and private buildings in order to address the requirements of part M of the Building Regulations and the guidelines encompassed with the Disability Discrimination Act.


Tel: 07455 301000