Dr Tinnevely Ananthanarayanan


Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Ananthanarayanan is a Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive experience in the NHS, treating various types of mental illnesses for 22 years, from 1981 to 2003. He was a Specialist Medical Visitor for the Lord Chancellor's Department from 2003 until June 2014. This work mainly involved Mental Capacity, Cognitive Assessment, Memory problems etc. due to organic brain conditions, such as Alzheimer's and other dementias, head injury and alcohol related brain damage. He was also a Medical Member of the Mental Health Tribunal from 1998 until June 2015, where he performed Mental Capacity Assessments and Mental Health Act Assessments during this period.

Over the years Dr Ananthanarayanan has given Independent Psychiatric Reports on Mental Capacity for the Court of Protection and other bodies, including giving opinion on patients' fitness to plead in court. His experience has involved, mainly Mental Health Act Assessment for detained patients, also assessment of patients' Mental Capacity, to appear before the Tribunal, and understand the proceedings. Mostly he deals with civil cases involving capacity.

Dr Ananthanarayanan also appears in criminal cases, both for defence and prosecution in which mental capacity is an issue. In addition to this he attends court to provide expert evidence in criminal cases both defence and prosecution.

He has extensive experience in clinical and medico-legal aspects of Mental Health and given frequent independent psychiatric reports on patients appearing before for the Mental Health Tribunal. Special expertise in Mental Capacity, Cognitive Assessment, and memory problems, primarily due to organic and functional mental disorders.


Dr Ananthanarayanan has attended various courses over the years, as part of his continuing professional development and continues to do so. These courses were organised by the NHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists, British Medical Association (BMA), Court of Protection, Mental Health Tribunal and various other bodies. Throughout the year Dr Ananthanarayanan also attends medico legal courses which keep him up to date with relevant issues.


He is a member of the British Medical Association, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal Society of Medicine and was a Medical Member of the Mental Health Tribunal for sixteen years, until June 2015. He is a member of the expert witness panel for the Medical Protection Society.

Dr Tinnevely Ananthanarayanan
15 De Burgh Gardens
KT20 5LU

Phone:  07921 299110