Dr Robert Campbell

A Consultant Radiologist in Musculoskeletal Imaging MB ChB  FRCR at Dept of Radiology, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool. He is also President of British Society of Skeletal Radiologists.

Areas of interest include:
Musculoskeletal & Spine Radiology,
Reporting of X-ray, MRI, CT & Ultrasound examinations
MSK Ultrasound
Soft Tissue Sarcoma’s
Sports Radiology, Dr Campbell was the Lead Radiologist at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Dr Campbell has undertaken medical legal report writing since 1996. He currently prepares 40-50 reports per annum, with a split of Claimant 60%: 40% Defendant. His medico-legal work covers personal injury and medical negligence cases.

Dr Campbell can act as a specialist expert witness having completed Bond Solon training in Excellence in written evidence.


Tel: 0151 706 2915
Tel: Med-legal Secretary Tel: 07577 060 650
Mobile: 07940 537 903
Email: rob.campbell@liverpoolft.nhs.uk
Alt Email: medlegalreporting@gmail.com

Consultant MSK Radiology
Royal Liverpool University Hospital
L7 8XP