Dr Nireeja Pradhan
MBBS, FRCPsych, MA Medical Ethics & Law

Expert Witness Awards Winner: Consultant Psychiatrist of the Year 2017

Consultant Psychiatrist Expert Witness

Dr. Pradhan assesses clients nationally and normally provides reports one to two weeks from assessments (urgent reports in 2 -5 days). She is regarded as a leading Expert witness in Psychiatry and assists lawyers nationally with free expert medico-legal advice and by making referrals to fellow high quality psychiatrists and other medical specialty experts based on draft letter of instructions. (Please email draft letter of instruction to for appointments and quotes).

Dr. Pradhan has extensive experience in provision expert witness reports across all areas of law for over 15 years. She has earnt a strong reputation with leading barristers for her comprehensive reports and court attendances. She has vast experience in Fast Track and Multi Track Personal Injury cases involving assessing psychiatric injuries in historic child abuse, clinical negligence Inc. Birth Injuries, personal injury cases Inc. catastrophic RTA’s, complex cases and equality act assessments.
Dr. Pradhan was awarded as Consultant Psychiatrist of the Year at Expert Witness Awards 2017.
Dr. Pradhan was also awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for her expert witness services and excellence in psychiatry.
Working in the inner-city area of Birmingham as the lead Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Pradhan has extensive clinical experience in patients with a range of complex mental health issues often precipitated by social factors. This highly relevant clinical expertise ensures that she is considered an appropriate psychiatrist to assess the General Adult population who may have suffered from sudden or past traumatic events whether mental, physical or emotional in civil and criminal matters.

Dr. Pradhan has been appointed on numerous panels in high profile cases as an expert and in high value and contentious cases involving numerous experts and court attendances where clients had been awarded record compensation.

Expert Witness Training: Dr. Pradhan has completed a comprehensive professional course in Medical Report Writing and Giving Expert Evidence in Court.
References from lawyers in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Abuse, Employment Family Cases available upon request.

• Birth Injuries
• Road Traffic Accidents
• Workplace Accidents
• Trauma Sequelae
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering – fraudulent simulation or exaggeration of symptoms assessments
• Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders / Depression / Stress Disorders
• Psychiatry Injury due to Medical Negligence / Clinical Negligence
• PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Criminal Injuries : Victims
• Victims of Abuse including childhood abuse
• Employment Tribunals / Equality Act / DDA
• Medical Negligence / Clinical Negligence Inc. catastrophic injuries
• Fitness to work/ Return to Work
• Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Racial Discrimination
• Psychiatric Injury ; Depression, Anxiety , enduring personality change
• Trauma Sequelae
• Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering
• RTA’s and Accidents at work
• Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders / Depression
• Psychiatric Injury / Stress Related
• Medical Negligence / Clinical Negligence
• Military Claims : PTSD, Bullying, Abuse
• Catastrophic Injuries
• Assessment of Adults who suffered Childhood Injury

• Pre-sentencing reports
• Fitness to Plead and Stand trial
• Risk assessments including Arson
• Pre-sentencing Reports
• Suggestibility
• Loss of control
• Hospital Orders
• Diminished Responsibility / Intent
• Sexual / Violent crime
• Parole Board Assessments
• Mental Health Review Panels
• Personality Disorders
• Personality Disorders/Psychoses
• Dangerousness/Risk Assessment ⎫
• Violence/Self Harm/Suicide ⎫
• Offender Assessment
• Witness Assessment/Testamentary Capacity
• Abnormal Behaviour
• Mental Disorders
• Psychiatric Rehabilitation
• Rape / Sexual abuse
• Crime Victims / Torture Victims
• Child Abuse
• Section 18, Section 37
• Arson Cases
• Murder Cases

• Work Related stress
• Fitness to Work / Return to Work
• Employment Tribunals / Equality Act
• Psychiatric Injury: Depression, Anxiety,
• Sexual Harassment
• Bullying
• Racial Discrimination

• Assessment of parents in child contact and custody cases
• Parental Psychiatric assessments
• Risk Assessments / Domestic Violence
• Mental Capacity Assessments



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Expert Witness Training


Sweet & Maxwell Checked, Expert Witness Institute, Society of Expert Witnesses, Medico-Legal Society and APIL, Member of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,The Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses.

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