David Berry – Independent Toxicology Consultant


Website: www.toxicologyservices.co.uk

Contact Number: 01342 324 955 / 07833 556 460

With 45 years as a practising analytical toxicologist and an additional 30 years providing independent toxicology consultancy, David Berry holds considerable experience at giving evidence in magistrates & Crown courts also military scenarios.

A specialist in toxicology with particular emphasis on prescribed and illicit Drugs and Alcohol, David Berry has been involved in a range of criminal and civil investigations including driving and alcohol/drug cases, child custody where drugs and poisons are involved; drug facilitated crime, workplace drug testing, medical reviews, interpretation of forensic toxicological analysis and forensic pathology reports.

David utilises his experience and expertise to compile insurance reports, personal injury claims and deals with cases of medical negligence. He has acted as an expert witness in Coroners, Magistrates, County, Crown and Military Courts.

A qualified analytical chemist, David Berry was employed for 45 years in a specialist NHS toxicology laboratory as a Senior Analyst, working on developing methods for drug analysis and providing services for the analysis of drugs in biological specimens.

David began offering his services to support a range of Clinical situations with his main applications of involvement being in Clinical and Forensic drug testing. Inevitably, he became involved with cases that had legal connotations and was drawn into writing legal reports and opinions related to such cases.

Following these experiences, David started to offer these services to the legal profession independently.

Today, David Berry specialises in writing detailed toxicological reports with interpretation for criminal and civil (usually insurance) investigations where drugs and poisons and/or alcohol are involved.

The toxicology services that David Berry provides have advanced over time. He has become more involved with medical/toxicology reviews in workplace drug testing and also provides expert witness reports following hair testing analysis, mainly for the family courts.

Providing valuable assistance to situations where toxicologist potentially involved, David has also undertaken a couple of security related jobs dealing, mainly with the assessments of toxicological risks.

David Berry mainly advises and instructs in the UK but global instruction are considered as he looks to open some new and exciting doors in the future.

For further information, please call David Berry on 01342 324 955 / 07833 556 460 or email enquiries to dave_b2@mail.com