Captain Peter J McArthur

MNM, MBA, LLB (Hons), Master Mariner, CMarTech, FIMarEST, FNI, ACIArb.

Peter demonstrates a successful seafaring career involving extensive work overseas and has commanded oil, chemical, product and molten sulphur tankers, bulk carriers and Ro-Ro vessels.

Currently a marine pilot, also a qualified lawyer, a research hydrodynamicist, a technical consultant and a forensic analyst he has represented clients (P&I clubs, Law firms and shipping companies) in high profile legal cases.

In addition to his Pilotage and technical consultancy work, Peter is:

Holder of the Merchant Navy Medal for Mertiorious Service (2016)
Younger Brother of Trinity House, London.
Series Editor for Lloyds Practical Shipping Guides
Senior examiner in Law for the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
Member of the London Shipping Law Centre.
Member of London Maritime Arbitration Association.
Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
Qualified and accredited International Arbitrator.
Nautical Advisor to the Inns of Court.
Marine & Technical Advisor to the UK Admiralty Court of Appeal.
Professional Review Examiner for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).
Legal advisor and technical consultant to a number of UK ports and CHA's.
Employment Law specialist.
Legal advisor to the Independent Methodist Association
Highly experienced in the administration of Trusts, Trusteeship, Charity and Consumer law.
Training course development specialist.

Since 1998, Peter has served as a Manchester Ship Canal Pilot attaining the status of unrestricted 1st Class Pilot. During his pilot service, Peter has undertaken the roles of company director, pilot representative, principal training officer and examining pilot.

Peter has also spent considerable time working in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry serving as OIM, Tow-master and technical consultant, gaining experience and a thorough understanding in all aspects of oilfield marine operations. Peter's management experience and his involvement in dry-dock, wet-dock and upgrade projects, both with ships and oil rigs, gives him an extensive knowledge base in these highly technical areas. As a Port Captain he was responsible for setting up, administering and monitoring of offshore ship-to-ship transfer operations.

Over the last decade Peter has conducted independent research into marine Hydrodynamics and the effects of interaction and has produced several academic papers on the subject. His hydrodynamic theories are recognised as representing a significant development in maritime knowledge and shipping safety. Ongoing research includes a number of post-doctoral collaborations with world-renowned theoreticians. He has developed a particular specialisation in the field of vessel synchronous and parametric motions - identified as the main causal factor in a number of structural damage cases and catastrophic hull failures. He is one of the leading proponents of Molecular Hydrodynamic Theory, its effects on ship-handling and contribution to marine incidents and collisions.

In recognition of his professional competence, technical expertise, research capability and the significant advance his published works represent in terms of maritime knowledge, Peter was honoured with the Merchant Navy Medal for Mertorious Service on Merchant Navy Day 2016. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and has been granted registration as a Chartered Marine Technologist. In December 2014, Peter was made a Fellow of the Nautical Institute (FNI) is a Younger Brother of the Trinity House Corporation of London. He is a Liveryman of the City of London and of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners - where he sits on the Technical, Training and Education committees. Peter is Chairman of the Chartered Master Mariner working group and Deputy Chair of the Chartership Registration Authority.

As a dedicated lifetime learner, Peter has supplemented his maritime qualifications by gaining degree level qualifications in Law and Oceanography, plus Master level qualifications in Business Management and organisational administration. He has also studied and maintains a keen interest in climatology, astrophysics, theoretical physics and oceanography, environmental system dynamics and marine biosystems. He is currently studying German!

Peter is regularly appointed to participate in marine incident investigations and has provided expert testimony in:


Some of the areas in which Peter has provided advice and specialist evidence include:

Marine legal issues
Marine Hydrodynamics and ship interaction
Collision hydrodynamics and interaction.
Ship handling in close quarter situation.
Vessel synchronous and parametric motions
Analysis of hull damage causation.
Bridge operations and ship system analysis
Marine collision reconstructions
Navigational analysis voyage reconstruction prior to and during collisions
CCTV analysis
Navigational documentation, log book entry and vessel VDR analysis
Personnel actions and incident reconstruction


Captain Peter J McArthur MNM

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