Audiotel International

For more than 35 years, Audiotel International has been a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality audio surveillance, technical counter surveillance and specialist IED detection equipment, designed for use by defence organisations, law enforcement agencies and commercial counter espionage clients.

The Company offers a range of affordable and innovative products which includes Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJDs), Harmonic Receivers, RF Differential Detectors, Specialist Sweep Kits and Covert Audio Surveillance Equipment. All of their equipment is covered by full warranty and support and training can be provided on request.

Audiotel International is run from a fully equipped and modern headquarters in Northamptonshire, UK. Its highly skilled team includes experts in the design, development and manufacture of audio surveillance, technical counter surveillance, force protection and counter IED equipment. With access to only the very best design, development and test facilities this ensures that their products always remain ahead of the latest evolving security threats.

Audiotel International is a highly reputable company that has a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance and reliability. This is backed up their own figures. Audiotel International export more than 70% of their products to over 90 countries around the world and to a wide range of customers, including government, corporate, defence and security agencies.

This year Audiotel International is delighted to introduce three brand new unique and powerful products. These three products add both depth and breadth to the Company’s security portfolio.

The Archway is the first security product of its kind in the world to utilise advanced Non Linear Junction Detection (NLJD) technology to detect tiny, concealed electronic components such as SIM cards, miniature recorders, memory sticks and even electronic detonators. Intellectual property theft is one of the fastest growing concerns amongst international business leaders; the Archway has been designed with that in mind. The use of the NLJD technology helps enable companies and agencies to stop unauthorized data and information from being introduced to or leaving their premises.

Meeting Guard is another unique product that the Company is very proud to be launching in 2013. Wonderfully compact and portable, Meeting Guard has been developed to continuously protect customers from bugging and eavesdropping. It can be deployed quickly and easily with no additional infrastructure and provides real time, 24/7 protection from active bugs as well as transmissions from store and forward devices. Meeting Guard gives customers affordable peace of mind, permanently protecting meeting rooms, offices and public areas from security threats.

Completing the line-up is the newly designed range of SB Detectors;this new range is the latest advance in lightweight Non Linear Junction Detector technology, representing the culmination of the many years of experience leading the world in this technology. These powerful and versatile detectors are available in a range of output powers with features to suit all operational scenarios and security threats. Designed for maximum portability, the extendable search head provides exceptional reach and incorporates an ultra-bright LED display giving line of site information precisely where it is needed.

At a critical time for global economies, Audiotel International provides innovative, durable and carefully designed products enabling clients to protect their security interests, intellectual property and reputation in the most efficient and flexible ways possible. To find out more about Audiotel International and to speak to the experts pay their stand a visit at the DSEI Show in London on stand number N8-192.


Phone: 01536 464888