Atul Khanna

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon Birmingham

Atul Khanna is a consultant  plastic surgeon  and has been involved in medical legal work and provided medical reports for solicitors for the last ten years. In this period he has provided over 2100 medical reports. These have been predominantly in the following areas of expertise:

  • Hand surgery: Sequelae of hand injuries and surgery
  • Soft tissue injury: Sequelae of post traumatic scarring
  • Burns management: Sequelae of disability following burns injury, scarring and surgery.
  • Medical negligence in Cosmetic Surgery.

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As a Plastic Surgeon he deals with hand injuries and is involved in dealing with these injuries, rehabilitating the patients and providing them with advice as to how they can return to work. He also gives advice on scars, comment on their prognosis and whether they can be improved by various forms of surgery. He treats patients with skin cancer and patients with burns. He performs  cosmetic surgery , including  breast reduction ,  reconstruction ,  silicone implantation ,  liposuction ,  body contouring surgery  and  surgery for facial rejuvenation .

Depending on availability of medical notes an appointment can be provided within two weeks of request and a medical report within two weeks of the appointment. His fees are in the region of £400 - 450, depending on the complexity of the work involved. He also has the facility of taking photographs if required at a competitive rate. His fees for medico-legal and clinical negligence work are £200 per hour. In his practice medical legal reports take 4 – 6 hours of time that includes client interview, examination, assessment of notes and formatting of report. Responses to supplementary questions take usually half an hour to one hour of time. His average fees for reports dealing with clinical negligence is £900.

He is willing to defer his fees for six months or completion of the case which ever is earlier.

He sees clients at Spire Little Aston Hospital, Little Aston Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield B74 3UP.

He is also a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses. His reports are prepared in accordance with new Civil procedure rules and I would be prepared to act as a single joint expert. The percentage of work he undertakes for Claimants and Defendants would be in the region of 90:10

He has prepared a chapter for the Encyclopaedia of Forensic & Legal Medicine entitled “Medical Malpractice in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery”

Mrs Jane Purvis
Tel no:   0121 507 3455

Mr Atul Khanna


This report is entirely independent and has been prepared for the court on the instructions provided by Solicitors ame and Address following an injury sustained by Mr Smith on the 23.1.2000 and details his treatment, condition and prognosis. Mr Smith was 45 years old at the time of the injury and now is 46 years old. His occupation at the time of the injury was that of an extrusion operator. His occupation now remains the same. His hobbies at the time of the injury were playing golf. His hobbies remain the same. Mr Smith is right handed.

I have received the following written instructions from Solicitors names. I have been asked to examine Mr Smith and prepare a full and detailed written report. This should deal with relevant pre accident medical history, the injury sustained, treatment received and the present condition, dealing in particular with the capacity for work and giving a definitive prognosis.

On the 23.1.2000, while working as an extrusion operator, Mr Smith sustained an injury to his left middle finger. He was loading a shaft onto a machine. As he was in the process of putting the shaft into place, the same started to turn in his fingers. He felt a sharp pain in his left hand and suffered a crush injury to the tip of his left middle finger. He then went to the Accident & Emergency Department at Bridgnorth Hospital in Shropshire. The area was assessed and an x-ray was performed. This revealed a communited fracture of the tip of the left finger. The area was treated conservatively with dressings. He was discharged with analgesia and was reviewed on an alternate day basis for two to three weeks for dressings. He was reviewed in his general practitioners surgery on the 17.2.2000. It was noted that his left middle finger was still somewhat swollen and there was some bruising beneath the finger