Andrea Denby


Andrea Denby

BASED IN SUFFOLK, Andrea Denby is a Hungarian-English interpreter and translator with over 18 years experience.

Andrea Denby is a Hungarian-English interpreter and translator with over 18 years experience.

I have been working as a legal registered interpreter for over ten years and have now completed over 2,000 hours of court, tribunal, immigration and police interpreting assignments. I have a thorough academic education, having completed English and Hungarian undergraduate degrees in Budapest.

I used several languages and my own translations for a PhD thesis on a multi-lingual Hungarian author which I completed at UCL in 2006. I studied English law part-time at the University of Westminster and at BPP until 2012. My legal education enables me to understand the context and background of what I translate and makes me value precision in my work. I do lots of CPD to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation, and procedure, learn about other areas closely related to law such as finance and economics.

Recently I have specialised in translating legal, medical and commercial documents. I translate through agencies such as Axis, Clearlingo, Geotext, K-International, Languagelinkplus, LLS, Papillon, Temple Translations, UKLST, Thebigword and for private clients, too. I have also been doing an increasing amount of proofreading including literature for websites and have become a thorough and tolerant proof-reader. I can and like to copy-edit, and occasionally back-translate when checking language use is required.

I have marked and sampled DPSI exams and taught ‘DPSI English law’ since 2015. I assess translations on request and taught Dip Trans online in 2017. I also teach private students.

I worked on several high-profile translating projects through which I developed my IT skills to a high level in 2016. I became chartered with the CIoL on 03/07/2017. I worked on several cases as a translator in 2018 and 2019. I have been doing mostly private law and commercial translation this year, and also some projects related to safety. I use MemoQ which I update on a regular basis. My learning and experience allow me to produce high quality translations averaging around 3,000 words a day.

I am on the National Register and in the APCI and CIoL directories. I became an honorary member of the Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses in 2018. I joined Xperta on 10 June 2020.

I intend to extend my practice further into translating, proofreading and copy-editing. Please do not hesitate to contact me should I be able to assist you.