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A fully qualified professional photographer, Andy Wooller is also able to provide forensic video or still photography to examine claims of unusual lighting or to demonstrate visibility issues leading to an incident.

Acuity Forensics are regularly instructed to report on road traffic collisions, often those involving cases of causing death by dangerous driving. The company are able to examine the speed of vehicle leading up to a collision through the use of CCTV evidence, and their staff are qualified collision investigators allowing them to complete collision investigation reports both with, and without, the use of video evidence.

Examples of past cases where Acuity Forensics’ vehicle identification has been successfully used include the M25 rapist, the Ipswich murders, Joanna Yeates, Milly Dowler, the 2009 Real IRA shooting of soldiers outside Massereene Barracks in Northern Ireland, and the recent revenge arson in Leicester. Andy Wooller was also involved in the investigation into the Princess Diana collision.

Following the initial blind analysis and reporting, Acuity Forensics regularly conduct on-site reconstructions to refine the strength of opinion and to compare recorded vehicles with known suspects. Such reconstructions can also use a ‘blind’ approach and often show that the appearance of a suspect vehicle is unique.

The core of Acuity Forensics service is that identifications are conducted blind – with no background on suspects’ vehicles, or seized vehicles, given to the expert. This enables the company to provide an independent assessment which reaches true evidential conclusions. If this results in a suspect link, the relevant authorities can draw valid conclusions from the investigation. This method ensures that influence is avoided and any conclusions are not affected by ‘confirmation bias’.

With expertise in vehicle identification, and in conjunction with cognitive scientists, the company also considers victims’ and witnesses’ accounts in order to identify vehicles. They are sometimes asked to examine vehicle debris left behind after an incident to consider the identity of a vehicle; Acuity Forensics today offer a comprehensive forensic vehicle identification service.

After building an enviable reputation within the market, Andy – a bonafide expert in imagery – launched Acuity Forensics with the view of creating ‘the’ specialist centre for vehicle identification from imagery.

At this time, tape-based CCTV recordings were the norm; simply decoding and viewing multiplex recordings was of benefit to some customers but, drawing on experience working with vehicles, and with the skill to understand the manner in which imaging systems can alter the appearance of the objects that they record, the vehicle identification business was born.

His background is in photography and, whilst working in a photographic role, it became apparent to him that there was a demand for investigations needing forensic assessment of imagery, particularly where vehicle identification was required from CCTV.

Acuity Forensics was founded by Managing Director, Andy Wooller. Having worked within the industry for over fifteen years, providing vehicle identification and incident reconstruction to an evidential standard, Andy has contributed evidence to a great number of serious criminal investigations.

The Somerset based firm specialises in the identification of vehicles captured on CCTV and incident reconstruction from video evidence. Their instructions generally involve major crime or serious road traffic collisions (RTCs).

Acuity Forensics undertake the detailed analysis, interpretation and enhancement of image evidence. Instructed on behalf of Police Forces, Solicitors and other clients, the company provide reports and present evidence in Court as Expert Witnesses.


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